You are a well-established, significant brand or growing business looking for an agency with the breadth of in-house expertise to meet your complex needs for bespoke or customised websites and eCommerce.

We have teams of highly skilled and experienced designers, developers and project managers with the capabilities to deliver a premier web presence by converting unique and complex concepts into online reality.

HigherSites® Media

HigherSites provides large and growing businesses with bespoke and customised websites and eCommerce services and much, much more.

Our teams of highly skilled designers, developers and project managers give us the confidence and know-how to deliver you a premier web presence that might involve our solving unusual and complex requirements. In essence, we have the capabilities for turning ideas into comprehensive online reality.

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HigherPromotion delivers the complete promotional toolbox for your website and Internet footprint - helping you to increase your online attraction, interaction and conversion figures, leading to a tangible return on investment.

We use market research and statistical analysis, specific to your company needs, to develop the right blend of communication channels relevant to your client base and those of your target audiences.

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We have an enviable reputation for providing ultra-fast, ultra-reliable website hosting services. HigherSites server, email and domain hosting is exclusively reserved for our managed clients. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee (which we have consistently out-performed for the last 3 years) and a security policy tight enough to please UK banks, VISA and the Government, you can start to see how your website might be a little more 'at home' with us.

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